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What is The Zone?

People often speak about that near-mythical inner-space called The Zone.

It sounds like Narnia or Pandora or Oz... a place  to be accessed only through magical closets, wormholes or tornadoes!

In The Zone, even Time expands to contain all its possibilities!

Best of all, it is exclusively YOUR space. When one is in The Zone, one taps into one's own gifts and resources as one journeys towards one's vision.


Your key driver towards that vision?

On reflection, you might realize that it transcends monetary gain, externally-referenced prestige or validation. It even transcends who you think you are or ought to be!

What does it feel like?

You might find yourself struck by the purity of your longing to manifest your vision!

To put it simply, in The Zone, the vision matters to you...  more than you do to yourself!

You experience the undiluted pleasure of  allowing it to manifest as ground-breaking research, entrepreneurship, architecture, athletic achievement, composition, creativity, philanthropy, innovation, individual, familial and communal prosperity, healing and more.

Why does it matter?

The Zone bridges the tangible universe you occupy and the intangible realm of possibility... And that bridge lies within you!

Therefore, accessing The Zone regularly is surely a goal worth achieving!

The Good News!

What might initially seem like a struggle - when one feels held back from The Zone by silent saboteurs such as limiting beliefs, conflict, environmental factors, struggles for equity  and health, unresourceful habits - holds the key to The Zone!

Within the perceived problem lies the solution!

That limiting belief system exists to protect you in ways that you are yet to anticipate. 
Try to understand its positive intention!

The perceived conflict that impacts you might echo a conflict of values within you. Leverage this insight to appreciate yourself more than ever before and harmonize your values!

Your environment serves as a life-sized, high-definition vision-board of what you find yourself focusing on and interpreting for yourself.
Adopting this perspective restores your locus of control of your environment... back to you, where it belongs!
Your environment now starts to reflect opportunity, system, feedback and objective truth.
These will serve to re-connect you to your intuition and unleash your higher thought-processes. 

You will understand yourself. 
Appreciate yourself.
Leverage yourself.
And you are now back... where you are complete, integrated and in control once again!

And finally, just let it happen!
Your Zone wants you back!
You just have to trust that it will find you as it did before.:)

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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