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How it all began - My Own Journey from ‘Me’ to ‘I’

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

By Life Coach Priya B

This was me way back in 2019.
I have had to pull up old footage to revisit this memory as it is a bit faded in my head today - due to the transformative inner shifts I have experienced since then. This, however, was a pivotal moment for me. Simply put, it was me connecting with my deepest and purest intention – untouched by the labels, opinions, goals and beliefs of others!
What was my intention at that time? To firmly identify, rally, organize and utilize everything that truly mattered to me as a fully-functioning and self-appreciating Human Being… And live from that space at all times!
As I am.
Truly, deeply and happily

Why ‘I’? Why not ‘Me’? (And why not both?)

How a simple shift in identity from ‘Me’ to ‘I’ can set me up for a great, intentional day!
‘I’ am still ‘Me’. But what is different? What changed or shifted immediately for Me? ‘Me’ is the collection of all the stories, memories, capabilities, values, beliefs and labels gathered randomly over decades of life – locked in past patterns, nervously future-phobic, passive, under-utilized… and full of powerful potential that is yet to be tapped!
‘I’, on the other hand, is the intentional Owner, Manager and Creative Director of Living Inc. – operating smoothly…
  1. pro-active (rather than helplessly reactive)

  2. innovative (and free from ‘analysis paralysis’)

  3. dynamic (rather than lethargic)

  4. and evolving (rather than stuck)

– and finally tapping into the true potential of ‘Me’! ‘Me’ is the object pronoun that passively receives the after-effect of any action.
‘I’ is the subject pronoun that is the Initiator or the Source of all action! As in English Grammar, and in life, the two come together in harmony to create exciting new chapters in my own story!
So… You? Yes, You! What’s your own story going to be?

Tip of the Day #1:

Anchoring is a quick way to lock in a desired state for your immediate access. Make Anchoring work for you! Anchor yourself to a happy moment by telling yourself pointedly: You are now happy.Examine and remember every aspect of this joy that reaches your senses… so your mind knows what to look for - and lock - from now on.
We often sharply recall moments of pain and distress with graphic detail. But… when living intentionally, train your brain to recall every sensory experience and every thought that occurs to you in moments of bliss, joy and contentment – to construct your very own new and improved default state of mind.
And remember –
Consistency - and Intention - are Key!
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